About Ken Alston

I am one of the first people to bring the concept of “closed loop cycling of materials, now known as “CIRCULAR ECONOMY” to South America. 


I an recognized as a leading speaker and consultant on the topic of implementing a sustainable development and circular economy.


I’ve consulted to major corporations and my expertise is sought out by major institutions such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Climate Technology Center & Network (CTCN).

Business Experience

Ken spent the first 20 years of his career managing in marketing, R&D and corporate sustainability positions in a global multinational corporation, He understands how businesses operate.

Circular Economy & Cradle to Cradle Design Expert

Ken spent 17 years working directly with William McDonough & Dr. Michael Braungart – co-authors of the book “Cradle to Cradle” – and he managed their consulting firm MBDC.


Ken’s lifetime of experience has created his MASTERY of SUSTAINABILITY and CIRCULARITY concepts along with the ABILITY to IMPLEMENT in business.

Circularity Edge, LLC

Ken is a Founding Partner of Circularity Edge, LLC. With his partners he implements sustainable circular economy projects in materials, products, energy and water.


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Years Consulting

Why Choose Ken?


>20 years working in Global Multinational companies in Marketing, R&D and Corporate Sustainability.>20 years consulting on Sustainable Development and implementing a Circular Economy.

Understanding Place

Unlike many consultants, Ken understands the need to translate the principles of a sustainable circular economy to the people, place and organizations he is working with.

Workshops Always Create Value

We deliver VALUE to our clients in Economic, Environmental and Social terms. Ask about our workshops.

Ken Alston sustainable circular economy consultant

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How To Profitably Implement A Sustainable Circular Economy

Educating Educators

Ken teaches AdminIstrators and Faculty in Universiites

Positive Environmental Outomes

Ken can show you how to create POSITIVE and BENEFICIAL outcomes.

Counselling with Government Ministers

Ken advises Ministers in Governments.

Internationally Recognized Speaker

Ken speaks privately at Corporate events and at Conferences Worldwide


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